Thursday, 17 December 2015

Odd Pig Angel

There's nothing Christmassier than an Odd Pig Angel :)

"Odd Pig"

I am currently working on a new dummy book about a very unusual pig.

Odberg is not like the other pigs...  while they love nothing more than lazing in the mud and eating vegetable scraps, he is...



and cooking...

and DJing...

and gardening.

Although he loves all these things, Odberg just wishes that the other pigs wouldn't make fun of him and make him feel like the odd-one-out all the time.

But, one day, something happens that makes all the other pigs realise what an amazing pig Odberg really is!

Pamper Day Flyer

It's been a while...  Sorry!  Here's a little flyer I produced to advertise a Pamper Day at an allotment :)